Custom Designed Scrabble Boards

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Welcome to our Custom Wood Scrabble Board Gallery

We invite you to peruse our custom wood chess board gallery.  If you find something you like, copy the ID (for example, CHS004) into the form below, complete the other fields, especially the one that tells us what you would like to have in the center of your board – engrave, inlaid and/or carved.  Then click on Please Send Me a Quote.

We’ll generate a rendering of the board and give you a firm quote to have us make it for you.  You can then request further change if you like.

Once we have it right, if you wish to continue, you can purchase it and we’ll get it into our workflow.

Or, go to our visual Scrabble and SuperScrabble Board Configurators and build one for yourself.  As you do, you can see how each change will look and how it could affect the total price.

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