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We make high-end, custom classic wooden game boards.

When I was young, my Dad used to go down into his small workshop, comprised of a workbench and a ShopSmith “to relax” after a long day at the office. At the time, I was too young to know what an architect did all day, but I was fascinated watching him work in that shop. He promised me that when I got to be “old enough” he would teach me how to use that wondrous tool. Unfortunately, he didn’t live to see me grow old enough, but I am certain he would appreciate my love of woodworking today. But I never forgot the pleasure it gave him nor the smell of his generating all that sawdust. As soon as I could – my first home with a garage, to be exact – I set up a small shop with a Craftsman radial arm saw, and began making modest creations for our home. Over the years the shop grew with my appetite for more complex and interesting projects. The idea began to form that this would be what I would do “in retirement.” Putting this website together and looking at the pictures of past projects, I realized that there were many – more than I had remembered. Some were small, like the end table that my wife asked me to build for the spot next to the sofa. Some were huge, like the cabinets and entertainment center for the new house being built by a dear friend, or the office armoire I built for our friends in Austin. When I retired in Vancouver, WA, I set up shop. Among the many various projects, I decided to combine my love for classic games with my woodworking – and started a series of custom wooden game boards that are now the vast majority of my work.

We Love what We Do!

Hello. Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you like what you see here.

We are a small custom woodworking shop founded in 2010, located in Vancouver, WA and now in Georgetown, TX.

We specialize in and have made hundreds of custom wooden game boards, including cribbage, backgammon, scrabble, monopoly, go, chess and several more. And we have clients in North America, Australia and New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and South Africa.

All of our creations are custom – we work with you to get the design just right. Then you can decided to place your order and we’ll make it just like that design.

You can start by looking at some of our work on the Game Boards page.  Then you can  Contact Us with your ideas.

Or, you can try out one of our product configurators and get a sense of what that might cost based on the design choices you make.  These configurators can be reached at the bottom of each Game Board page.  Once you have it close to the way you want it, add a few details about yourself and send it to us.

You still haven’t committed to an order at that point and we’ll get back to you with a 3D rendering for your review and approval.  Once you’re satisfied, then you can order your custom wooden game board. If you have a question or an idea not covered by this approach that you would like to explore or develop, please feel free to Contact Us with your thoughts.

We are the Vancouver WoodSmiths:

A number of years ago, Nathan came to our shop to see if we could build a custom speaker for his electric guitar. He was in a band playing “gigs” in the Vancouver and Portland area. At the time we had a substantial backlog and couldn’t meet his target delivery date, but I asked him if he was good with his hands. He worked in a metal shop at the time, so the obvious answer was “yes.” So, I proposed that me make it, using the tools in my shop and under my guidance. He did an excellent job and I was impressed with his attention to detail and his ability to take instruction and critique constructively. A few weeks after the project was done, he asked if he could come in and help me on some of my projects from time to time in order to learn more about the process and craft. Thereafter, Nathan spent all the time he could find after work and on weekends absorbing everything I could show him and very often coming up with creative ways to do things that I’d never considered. After more than a year, I told him that I could no longer continue the arrangement we had, that his skills had become so good that I was compelled to pay him for his work. Over the ensuing years, my respect for his skills, craftsmanship and creative solutions grew, seemingly with each visit. And he apparently found a new potential direction in his creative career path. When the opportunity for us to move to Georgetown, Texas presented itself (we’re in Sun City, now), we discussed his future and he decided to build a shop there in Vancouver to continue his work. Now that it is open, he has the facility and the skills to do everything that I do and soon more.

Please visit our gallery and perhaps you’ll find something that sparks your interest for yourself, or perhaps as a special gift for a friend or loved one.