Backgammon Boards



Custom Wood Backgammon Boards made to Perfection!

Our Custom Wood Board Games all come complete with commercial (plastic) chips of similar color and dice. You may also choose to have custom wooden backgammon chips and dice cups created. They will be made of the materials chosen for the board and points. The points are made of solid wood or dyed veneer. You can specify which woods to use for the points and/or the colors for the veneer.

We have many of the most popular board games that we grew up on, and playing with our families and friends. But, now they are becoming more popular because of the internet and the social sites and families are realizing it is time to get back into the the family fun with the old traditional board games.

We offer wood monopoly game boards, cribbage and let’s not forget the wood checker board games. No, matter what board game you are looking for we can make it here. The wood backgammon board would make for a perfect gift for Christmas or just to give a nice gift to someone special. Let’s not forget to add the special touch of having it personalized with what you want on it.

Wood Backgammon Boards made Personal for any Occasion!!!